SHELL BP stole Bony Land – Prof. Jumbo

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The Wari Alabo, Prof. Jasper Jumbo, a high Chief and the chairman of Jumbo Major House – the largest and the most populous in the house of Bony Kingdom. The Kingdom according to Prof. Jumbo is landlord to SHELL BP and part landlord to LNG, Mobil, and Texaco.
As the leader of the House of Jumbo in Rivers State of Nigeria, the Prof. is at the forefront of the struggle to get SHELL BP pay for the use and the devastation of Bony Kingdom. He made the intention ofthe people known to newsmen in Abuja. He started thus; “I challenge SHELL to point in Bony Kingdom how many community development assistant projects they had rendered to the community during the past fifty something years since we became landlord to them.

“The most annoying and challenging part of it is that SHELL in spite of the enslaving rate of two pounds ten shillings, they got our fathers to sign the agreement in 1958 for ceding per acre at two pounds ten shillings – five thousand naira – per acre. I am not saying per plot; and 5354 acres of land from our people since 1958.

“SHELL went behind to steal our land from Military Governor; Ewang of Rivers State gave them fraudulent power of attorney. Nobody knew, em, certificate of occupancy which in essence supplants the lien of the landlords that we are over the year 2007…


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