Ugo Beke admonishes politicians to eschew rancor


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A political heavy weight, business man and philanthropist from Rivers State of Nigeria, Chief Ugo Beke has admonished politicians to play the game of politics in the forthcoming election without malice against fellow politicians. The United States of America based international business man who has helped many Nigerians to achieve their goals is of the opinion that Nigerian politicians should learn how politics is practiced in western world – where losers team up with the winner to implement the manifesto of the party.

Chief Beke is full of appreciation for the numerous achievements of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) in the area of education, road construction; rule of law, fight against insurgency/insecurity and improvement of the economy. He frowned at those who are criticizing Mr. President unconstructively.

The US based politician has implored politicians to use their offices to improve the lot of the masses. He posited that the politicians are at their various positions at the instance of the masses and should endeavor to be good ambassadors of their people.

On the state of the economy, he said that Nigerians in diaspora must begin to channel their investment back home. He is against Nigerians that engage in capital flight by taking their investments abroad.

Chief Beke believes that good governance is collective responsibility of every Nigerian, and for that advises Nigerians to support the president’s transformation agenda. He promised to offer helping hands to the administration whenever his services are needed.


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