You can register in Abuja and vote in Lagos – Okezie Nwankwo

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The head media and public relations of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in AMAC, Okezie Nwankwo has clarified the issue on eligibility of persons to vote in an election. He said that one can obtain the commission’s registration card in Abuja and go on to cast his vote in Lagos State or any other state in the country, provided such person resides in the new state a month before the election. He made the clarification in his office in Area 10 office during a courtesy call by our senior correspondent.

The process is that the person who wants to vote in a state where he did not register has to go to the new state and declare his intention at the INEC office of the new state stating his intention and evidence of change of residence to the officials. His application will then be formalized by the new state INEC at least a month before the election he wants to participate in.

The import of this is that one can vote in any state of the federation irrespective of his state of origin or residence. Another thing is that money-bag politicians who are not popular in the state where they intend to stand for election can mobilize people from any state to relocate to the new state and cast their vote for him during the election.

The negative part of this arrangement is that unpatriotic Nigerians can now participate in staggered elections across the states without violating any electoral law. Furthermore the law will be an avenue for dubious individuals to hijack leadership in any location they have interest in.


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