Qualitative human capital is the backbone of human development – Ogboli

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The Chairman of the board of Trustees (BOT) of Chartered Institute of Human Capital Development of Nigeria (CIHCDN) Cyril Ogboli has asserted that “Qualitative Human Capital is the backbone of Human Development and economic development in every nation.” He made this revelation during the 3rd Special Induction Ceremony of CIHCDN. In his induction address at the occasion he maintained that “The concept of Human Capital has relatively more importance in labor surplus countries.” CIHCDN had her 3rd Special Induction Ceremony and National Workshop for her member. The theme of the event is “Connect”. This essence of the seminar is to find ways of reconnecting the system in several ways. The Chairman of the institute captures it thus, “Until we “Connect” what we will be having is Plenty of motion (but) no movement.” There were two major papers delivered during the business session of the event. Prof. John Gambo Laah of Kaduna State University delivered the 1st paper titled “Throughput: The Connect between input and output, the place of Human capital development.” He identified low education as one of the challenges of Human Capital Development in the following statement “The bane of education in Nigeria is underfunding, insufficient budgetary allocation and lack of well trained professionals in the educational sector.” The institute inducted 52 persons into the fellowship cadre and 34 persons as members. The Head of service Delta state Paul Evuarherhe, who was inducted as a fellow spoke on behalf of other inductees. The thanked the institute choosing to be part of the prestigious institute. The promised that the newly inducted members will live up to the expectation of the institute. The successful event was put together by three committees. The Planning committee was headed by Cyril Ogboli and it has 9 members among whom are Anthony Garba, Victor okwuzi, Barr. Grace Dallong-Opadotun. The Publicity Committee has 7 members including Florence Oketona. The last committee in is Protocol and Contact Committee and it is made up of 7 individuals.


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