The challenge of Nigeria is borne out of disconnect – Ogboli

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The Chairman BOT Chartered Institute of Human Capital Development of Nigeria (CIHCDN) Cyril Ogboli F.CIHCDN, disclosed that one of the greatest challenges Nigeria is facing is disconnect. He made this revelation during the pre-event press chat with our correspondent.
The institute is holding her 3rd Special Induction ceremony for members and conferment of fellowship of deserving Nigerians who have distinguished themselves in their various endeavors. The chairman noted that the reason the theme “Connect” was chosen for the event was to address ways of reconnecting the system. One of the reasons adduced is thus; “We must connect. Human Capital Development is about connecting. We cannot operate in isolation. We need to connect, with our realities, our challenges, our ideals, our problems and our objectives our dreams and operations”….
According to him, the entry requirement is that the intending member must have 1st degree in any discipline and have interest in making positive changes in the society.
The institute has chosen exceptional Nigerians to be honoured during the event, among whom is Prof. Gambo of Kaduna State University.


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