American Mayor vies for Senate in Nigeria

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A former Mayor in one of the states in the United States of America, His Excellency Sterling Ayegbemi Ellis, aka “The King Boy” of Nembe Brass, has signified his intention vies for one of the three senatorial seats in Bayelsa State of Nigeria. His Excellency is conversant with American system of life; education, politics, diplomacy, etc. All these he intends bring to bear in the Nigerian system come 2015.
The former Mayor said he will he will introduce modern trends in Nigeria when elected to serve in the Senate in the forthcoming election. He made this statement in Abuja when he fielded questions before newsmen. He said he will introduce new concept in political campaign when the ban on electioneering campaign is lifted later in the year.
Meanwhile, our investigation has revealed that, His Excellency Ellis has the most formidable political structure among those vying for elective positions in Bayelsa State, nay the whole of South-South. His campaign offices are already functional and his foot soldiers have been mobilizing people for his election.

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