Mama market Admonishes Nigerians on Family Values

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In a bid to ensure that family values are encouraged so as to sustain that very vital component of the society is sustained, the National President Market Women and Men of Nigeria, Chief (Mrs.) Felicia Sanni, an awardee of the National Merit Awards, who was honoured with the Officer of the Order of the Niger, OON, recently and a vocal delegate at the 2014, National Conference, have admonished Nigerians on the need to encourage Family Values in Nigeria.

She made known at a reception organised for her by her children, after receiving the National Honours, in Abuja, where she affirmed that, ” What I will tell you to do is good things don’t ever do bad things bad things are bad things I started when I was very young in Port Harcourt, she, when I was going on holiday to Aba,, there was a fatal accident in this gbongboro so many market women died and they dug the ground and buried them, then I said when I grow up I will organise women and train them so that anywhere they are going they will recognize them and when I started working in the bank, i worked with Shell BP, Port Harcourt. When I got home my father said he was suffering, I came back resigned and stay back with my father, I was taking care of my parents till they died, that is why I tell you people to take care of your parents, you should not be ashamed of them they were once like you, please take care of your parents.
Once you are in that position take care of your husbands, take care of your children, I have told you several times laziness kills, but hard work does not kill, do not spend your money on irrelevant things, I you see me standing here I am paying school fees for 50 girls in my village, and one of the girls made 14, A1. in the village, the father is a masquerade dancer,, I didn’t at that, every month I send them 50 of themN2,000, so that they will use and buy brush rob pomade, because if you don’t give them men will give them and they will be useless. I called their mothers, i gave 50 them N100, 000 each go and trade and they are all doing very well. I want to use this opportunity to tell Nigerians. If you train your children you have not done anything you have not done anything spectacular to our country Nigeria, it is your responsibility to train your children, but if you go down and train somebody who is not related to you , I have trained a boy from Biu, in the same school my children attended, today he is a Pilot, and many others

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