CRCF Pledges Support for Jonathan

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Community Response and Care Foundation (CRCF) has pledged to support President Goodluck Jonathan if he agrees to stand in for election as the President of the country come 2015. One of the directors of the CRCF, Chief Lawrence Nwokoye, “Onyimonyi Achalla” told our correspondent that his group has stated to mobilize for President even though he is yet to declare his intention to run for the next year election as the President.
Chief Nwokoye led his group to Eagle Square to show solidarity to the Goodluck Support Group (GSG) Summit in Abuja. CRCF according to Chief Nwokoye is philanthropic organization that has been affecting lives of the masses across the country. He said the group has offices in over thirteen states of the federation. Recently the group responded to clarion calls from victims of communal clash in one of the Northern States.
The group will embark on campaign as soon as the President declares his intention to run in 2015 election. Chief Nwokoye revealed that his group has raised enough money to campaign for Goodluck Jonathan in those thirteen states where they have presence without asking for assistance from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

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