Ofomata introduces new concept in business and philanthropy


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Dr. Marcel Ofomata has introduced new concept in business management and philanthropy through the establishment of Amaecom Global Limited and philanthropic programs. Amaecom Global Limited is an indigenous Nigeria Business Initiative registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in the year 2004 to offer professional services to the teeming population of Individual, Corporate and Government-created institutions in the areas of Asset Acquisition.

Based on the industry potentials and her visionary and innovative business concept, Amaecom Global Limited has created sustainable platforms for human capital appreciation offering exciting and rewarding career paths to ever 300 plus employees -home and abroad. Besides these; the company has over the years ensured an unflattering and unwavering commitment to sustainable development in the society while satisfying the yearning of its clientele.

With the business concept centered on human-centric initiatives, the company has improved the lots of many enlisted in her list without profiteering. In a society with a clear-cut demarcation between ‘”the haves and the haves-not”, Amaecom Global Limited through her Life Enhancement Scheme has been able to bridge this divide by elevating the peoples’ living standard, encouraging qualitative living as well as improving the peoples’ purchasing powers by simply blotting out the cash barriers, by so doing leveraging the people to meet their immediate and unattainable needs through the BUY NOW PAY LATER Scheme. These unparalleled service deliveries have greatly put smiles on faces, from families to individuals, and individuals to businesses among others. This human-centric business concept has given rise to the visionary businesses, entrepreneurial development and economic resuscitation in the SMEIs.
As an exceptional business manager, Dr. Marcel chose to site the Headquarters of Amaecom Global Limited in the oil-rich Akwa-Ibom State which was commissioned on August 10 2012.
Amaecom has gained extensive /valuable experience in its chosen area of business and an appreciation of the challenges faced in developing third world countries since coming into operation. The company has accomplished a good measure of goals, putting smiles on the faces of clients with professional services and products that elevates standard of living, improve quality of life and increase purchasing power through elimination of cash barrier.
Today, Amaecom trademark or brand is soaring in the market, ranging from Amaecom refrigerators, Amaecom water dispensers, Amaecom deep freezers, Amaecom generators etc. The company, according to the MD of the company, Dr. Marcel Ofomata, Amaecom Global is on a mission to enhance quality of lives through the provision of unbeatable, stress-free asset acquisition solutions. That with a vision of being a leading global grass roots one-stop asset financing company in the world, the core values of Ameacom’s enterprise are quality, integrity, passion and the endless pursuit of service improvement in order to maximize benefit for customers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole.
The organization has schemes through which it reaches the people in philanthropy. They are:
With the Marcel-Equip-an-Entrepreneur Today Scheme, the organization aim to aid and support youths-in-enterprise with the expertise, network and leverage necessary to equip them with what is necessary and guide them.
The Marcel Ofomata Leverage Education Scheme (MOLES) is a scholarship programme purely designed to support the indigent that are willing to go to school and have a qualitative education but cannot afford it.
Marcel Ofomata Mentoring Programme (MOM): This programme is created in direct response to the numerous requests from young people and leaders soliciting mentoring support in life. Through this platform young and emerging leaders can through this platform be mentored to become great business personalities.


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