Igbo In Nigeria Will Never Shrink Back From Getting Their Dues


From Victor Mba Agbai, Abuja:


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The Founder and Pro-chancellor of Gregory University, Uturu, Abia State, Dr. Gregory Ike Ibe, has said that whatever is due to the Igbo people of Nigeria shall and will always be given to them and that, they will never shy away from fighting for same.
The university administrator and teacher who spoke to our reporter in Abuja noted that, the people of the south-east have come a long way and that, they will not allow anybody from anywhere to cause this country to disintegrate.
He recounted how the Igbo had come to Abuja and built the place with their sweat and money before people flooded in to the place to enjoy milk and honey in it.
Dr. Gregory Ibe said that, he would do everything possible to develop Abia state in all facets of its economy, adding that, the state has suffered a lot of neglect, while equally commending the present administration for its modest effort in seeing to the opening up of the state.


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