Joe Irukwu advocates selfless leadership in ‘Nigeria at 100: What Next?”

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By Kennedy Dimaku, Abuja:
Prof. Joseph Irukwu has advocated selfless leadership as a panacea to the myriads of problems the nation is going through in a book “Nigeria at 100: What Next?”
The book which gives account of the modern Nigeria nation during the past 100 years from 1914 to 2014 was launched in Abuja in celebration of Irukwu’s 80th birthday with people from all walks of life in attendance.
Speaking to journalists hesaid it is very rear to havepoliticians who are selfless leaders in modern day Nigeria. He opined that concept of enlightened self-interestcould suffice where there is no total selflessness.
According to him, enlightened self-interest means that those in leadership position must think about the people they are leading, not minding the selfish nature inherent in man.
He stressed that the quest to be rich overnight through dubious and strange means which has been the bane of the delinquency rampant in the country should be jettisoned, adding that people should not celebrate money without questioning the source of it.
Irukwu pointed out that all hands must be on deck to transform the nation. ” We cannot leave transforming the nation only for the government. We all have to be part of the transformation exercise. Jonathan alonecannot reform Nigeria. You can transform Nigeria with the people of Nigeria. And if we decide that we are going to transform this Country you will see that we will change this nation.” He said.
Meanwhile, the publisher of the book, Chief Joop Berkhout viewed it as a comprehensive blueprint for the country that every Nigerian should read especially now that the country’s politics is viewed as“do or die” affair.
He advised politicians to cultivate the attitude of serving the people rather than personal gratification.
Also, Director General, Security and Exchange Commission, Dr Arunma Oteh Commended Prof joe irukwu for given Nigerians the basis to appreciate their history by writing the book: Nigeria @ 100, what next?
she describe the book as a mirror to historical perspective, honest view of challenges the nation have faced: the civil war, military era and some of those things they are doing today to respond to those issues including President Goodluck Jonathan’s transformation agenda. She said that the book would individuals reflect on their roles in building the nation that they would be proud of.


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