SONAS for PJ organizes summit for President Jonathan


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Southern and Northern Amalgamated Support for President Goodluck Jonathan (SONAS For PJ), a political association formed to re-amalgamate the country to better the lot of Nigerians, has organized a political summit tagged “Political Awareness and Sensitization In Line with The Transformation Agenda of President Jonathan”. The summit discussed the achievements of President Jonathan since he was elected as the President of the country in 2011, by various stakeholders.
The global coordinator of SONAS, Comrade Emmanuel Okpongete (Engr.), in his opening remarks at event gave an insight into the activities of the organization that led to the summit. He read out the Mission of the organization thus; “SONAS FOR PJ is a political support group which uses tools to bring together individuals, and organizations who believe in true sovereignty of one Nigeria devoid of hate or discrimination, to promote public, civic and cultural particularly relating to sensitizing and educating the general public on issues concerning the laudable achievements of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan through his Transformational Leadership Module, believing that it is only through robust democratic principles of tolerance and laying of foundations for building lasting institutions that Nigeria can really move forward. One hundred Years ago, Nigeria was amalgamated for peace and unity. Today we have re-amalgamated Nigeria and Nigerians for President Goodluck Jonathan”.
Before reading out the objectives of the organization, Comrade Okpongete stated the need to support President Jonathan as he believed the country will witness accelerated growth in the next tenure of Mr. President. The objectives of SONAS For PJ are; “Use our number and voice to assist in educating the electorate on the importance or their vote and what true democratic principles in governance really entails, mobilize votes for the eventual re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan as President of Nigeria come 2015, help position the image of their president and our country’s global perception positively, serve as driving force through which government policies can be taken to grassroots via enlightenment campaign”.
The Special Assistance to the President on Ethics and Values, Dr.Sarah Jubril, whose office oversees the activities of the organization, spoke on the benefits of ethical practice in nation building. She urged every Nigerian to be representative of the country. She opined that anybody who dreams of a better Nigeria must first transform himself and make himself teachable, transformable and reformable.
SONAS for PJ has representatives in diaspora and some members of the foreign branches were present at the event. Mrs. Rita Izunwanne Onuekwusi of Ojiugo HOHA Foundation enumerated the changes that have taken place since President Jonathan assumed office. She said she traveled to Enugu from Abuja and was surprised at the level of transformation that had taken in the city over the years. She therefore advised Nigerians to support the president as he is imitating western leaders in governance.
There was membership drive at the venue as attendees were told to join the group because of numerous benefits they stand to gain when the president comes back in office next year.

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