Ikoro leadership to reconcile aggrieved members

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The newly elected members of the executive of Ikoro, The Association of Igbo Journalists have resolved to welcome back to the fold some members who due to some personal differences failed to participate in the first official election of the association since it was formed 22years ago.
It will be recalled that ten years ago a care taker executive was elected to set modalities in place for election of executive for the association. Their mandate was meant to last for only three months, but the interim executives failed in their duties and stayed in office for ten good years before a constitution was drafted for ikoro.
During the build-up to the election some members of the interim executives who had seen their positions as birth right did everything they could do to frustrate the electoral committee that was headed by Chief Geo Anika. As a veteran of repute, Geo Anika called their bluff and went to conduct a free and fair election that saw the election of only 3officers who vied for elective positions. Chief Abba-Eku Onyeka emerged as the chairman; Elder Chris Richards as secretary and Adanne Mgbenwa Ajelu as treasurer.
At the meeting convened to chart a program for the executive and to have a bye election, the chairman noted that the elected members of the new executive came from 3different Igbo speaking states of Anambra(chairman), Imo(treasurer) and Rivers(secretary). He therefore said that other officers will be elected from among other Igbo states like, Ebonyi, Enugu, Delta and Abia. Under this arrangement a bye election was conducted for the position of PRO and Joy Idam from Ebonyi was returned unopposed.
A veteran, Mr. Donald Ugwu commended members who attended the meeting and urged them to invite other Igbo journalists when next there is a meeting. The association will be hosted on Thursday by Chief Uzuwulu (Wulus) and members are advised to turn up en mass.

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