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By Okokon Ita:

Intercontinental Berlin, Germany would feel the strong presence of Africa as African leaders storm Berlin, Germany on 29th – 30th August, 2014 for an international conference “Africa/European Leadership Summit”, the first of its kind in the world, as many African leaders have signed up already.

This was declared in a press conference held on Monday, June 16, 2014, by Engr. Innocent Ogu, the chairman/CEO of African Legacy International Media Services limited, at his office in Abuja. According to him, “Nigeria is one of the pilot countries that will be participating in this international conference”, he uses the medium to invite the general public to this once in a life time event.
“ Join African and European Heads of Government , Captains of industries, Diplomats, corporate bodies, international business executives, management specialist, investors, consultants, scholars and other stakeholders to exchange notes on leadership issues beneficial to the two continents by attending this landmark event”, he said.
Commenting on the importance of the event, “the two-day summit will showcase the attributes and case studies of renowned leaders and discuss how future leaders must equip themselves with the knowledge of a whole range of skills required to navigate the mental, physical and dynamics of a changing world, achieve success and be acclaimed as exceptional leaders.”
According to him, the event also achieves the following:

1. Strengthening the unity amongst countries of the two continents.
2. Engaging in defining the present and future issues that face our generation.
3. Propagating cultural, educational, health, sports, technology, finance, agricultural, security and diplomacy between the continents.
4. Creating avenues for direct foreign investment across the two continents.
5. There will be lectures, Art and Cultural exhibitions, Trade and Investment discuss for investors and industrialist, and high – profile Award Ceremony – cum – Dinner.

The confirmed speakers to the summit and their topics are:
1. Christian Wuff, Former German President (2010 – 2012): Good Governance and Contemporary Democracy.
2. Jack Straw MP, Former British Home and Foreign Secretary: The Dynamics of Leadership in a changing world; Keeping the Ship on course.
3. Dr. Sam Anurigwo, PhD, J.P: Former UNESCO consultant to East Africa and Former Permanent Secretary, Government of Imo State, Nigeria: European engagement in Africa’s development; courting the path to sustainable partnership.
4. Rolf Eckrodt: Former President/CEO Mitsubishi Motors’ Corporation as well Former President of Mercedes Benz Brazil: A paradigm shift in Afro European Trade Relations, The way forward in the 21st Century globalization.
5. Gasine Schwan, Politics Professor and Former German Presidential candidate: Conflict Resolution and Democratic Governance.
6. Jose Luis Corderio, MBA, PhD: World Citizen, Founder of World Future Society (VC), Director of Single Global Currency Association (SIGMA), and member of Academic Committee of the Center for the Dissemination of Economic Knowledge: Raising Leaders Today for Tomorrow’s World, a Scientific Art.
7. Trade and investment forum for investors and industrialist to be co-ordinated by Peter Eigen, Founder of Transparency International.
8. Award and Dinner to be Chaired by F.W De Klerk, Former President of South Africa that led the peaceful handover of power to Nelson Mandela.

He concluded by saying that “if leaders are adequately trained, they would perform better and this would improve Africa’s leadership standard”.


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