Brekete Family commissions Mass Literacy School

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Brekete Family, an extraordinary NGO committed to sharing the plight of the masses that do not have somebody to fight their course. The NGO in her drive to reach out to those who were not have the opportunity to get formal education to do so through the Family’s mass literacy programme. The Family will use the GSS Jikwoyi premises for the programmes. The family is running the programme in collaboration with some noble organizations that have similar agenda: ICPC; Rotary International, Abuja New Dawn, FCT District; National Commission for Mass Literacy etc.
In his address at the occasion, the founder of Brekete Family, Ordinary Ahmed Isah expressed joy that the crowd gathered to be part of the event. He told the students of the school to strive to surpass his achievements. He recalled that during his growing up days his family members could not afford three square meals. He prayed that such should not be the portions of the students. He promised that the family will try as much as possible to establish the school in many parts of the country. He enlivened the event by cracking some of his familiar jokes, one of which was when he was presiding over an issue and said, “Ja-ja-ja say nay” and the crowd answered nay. He used his right fist as gavel and hit it on his head and said, “the nays have it”.
The President of Rotary International, Harry Awolayeofor Macmorrison said his organization is partnering with Brekete because they have common agenda in humanitarian services. He told our supporters that his organization continually support Brekete Family and other organizations that are into humanitarian services.
The Gentle Giant, Oman Dave, a key official of Brekete family said that the family will keep working towards making Nigerian a better place for everybody through her programmes. He revealed that the family will in coming months launch the mass oriented programmes.
The representative of National Commission for Mass Literacy, Monday Adams said that his organization as policy guideline provider will give necessary support to family whenever such is needed. He said the establishment of the school is timely as there are about 50million illiterate Nigerians. He revealed that 10.5million Nigerian children are out of school. This according to him is the highest in the world as it represents 10% global rate.
The pioneer adult school located in Jikwoyi is one among many to be established in FCT. The paramount ruler of Jikwoyi, HRH Rev. Dr. Bawa S. Jetta expressed happiness that the family chose his domain for the pilot stage. He said he has sensitized his subjects on the need to acquire formal education irrespective of when one gets the opportunity to do so.


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  1. Congratulations, Discovery Media International’s Brekete Family Radio Reality Show, Rotary Club of Abuja New Dawn and other strategic partners for the Brekete Family Mass Literacy programme. It is indeed a wortwhile project. We use this medium to crave for total support from all and sundry on this laudable project.

    May we also use this medium to congratulate Urbanpaparazionline for the good work of enlightening the works of those doing good to humanity especially in the remote areas of our community.

    Wedone the Brekete Family, Rotary Club of Abuja New Dawn and other strategic partners in the Brekete Family Mass Literacy programme and Urbanpaparazzionline for spreading the information.

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