CIHCDN holds National Workshop

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The Chartered Institute of Human Capital Development of Nigeria (CIHCDN) holds national workshop for her teeming members across the nation and 2nd Special induction for members and conferment of fellowship on deserving members. The theme of the one-day event is; “Nigeria, A Mint Nation: Human Capital Development, The Deciding Factor!”
In his prologue at the occasion, the Chairman BOT of CIHCDN, Cyril Ogboli, explained various nomenclatures and neologisms that have emerged in recent years. The first is G8, the eight largest economies in the world. The second is the Asian Tigers, the Asian developing economies. The next is the BRICS that comprise of the five major emerging economies: Brasil, Russia, India and South Africa. The MINT comprises of four major emerging economies; Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey. He went on to say that MINT and BRICS were coined by Jim O’Neil, an Economist and former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset management. He added that “Growth should not just be some strange statistical juggling act. It should be the proverbial horse that drives the cart of development”.
The opening address was given by the chairman of the occasion, Hon. Jonathan Punvwet Aminu, member representing Mangu/Bokkos Federal Constituency, Plateau state. He posited that “Every society measures itself by human standard. These standards became measurable. So a society is regarded as development, developing, and underdevelopment with respect to these measurable standards.
The lead lecture was delivered by Prof. Sam Leonard-Fwa, the Vice Chancellor of Bingham University, Karu, Nigeria. The title of the lecture is “Nigeria in the MINT: Human Capital Development as the Deciding Factor”.
The seminar is part of the continuing education for members of the institution.

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