Economist veers into modeling

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An Abeokuta, Ogun State born Harmony Ehredi, has veered into modeling after graduating from University of Benin, Edo State as an economist. Harmony was born on 23rd February, 1991 into a family of five. She is currently running a course on petroleum marketing in a training institute in Delta State. She proudly introduces herself as; as economist, entertainer, event manager, model instructor, and a runway model.
Harmony became a model by chance. According to her the journey into modeling world began in Abuja one evening on her way from work. Two guys walked up to her and asked if she was into modeling and she said no. One of the guys then shouted and gave her his complementary card. She did not call as advised by the card owner until one day the guy visited her in her place of work with a modeling event form. He encouraged her to be part of the event. After that show, the rest now is story about her sojourn in the world of modeling.
Harmony has participated in many modeling jobs and has organized some herself. Currently she working on a project that will involve fashion and modeling simultaneously.
Some of her achievements include; Top 3, former Miss Abuja Pageant; Top 5, Face of Peace Africa; Tv Show Pageant World, etc. Her hobbies are; swimming, singing, reading, and meeting people.
Harmony (who is 6ft tall) is the CEO of Exceptional Modeling/Event Company and can be reached on the following number; 08172683294.

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