Group condemns Sylva over comment

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A group, House to House Campaign Organization for Democracy has condemned the former governor of Bayelsa State, Timipre Sylva for his comments against President Jonathan. The Director General of the group, Hon. Ogidi Bara Ben, said this, “We are disappointed that of all persons, Timipre Sylva who should be apologizing to the people of Bayelsa State for taking them several years backward during his term as governor.
We think that a man who contributed nothing to Bayelsa State in terms of development; a man who is yet to clear his name of very serious allegations of corruption, who should hide his face in shame for failing a people who gave him their mandate to pilot the affairs of the state and protect their interest, lacks the moral justification to still talk in public and condemn others who have achieved far much more than he ever did,”.
It would be recalled that Timipre Sylva who is now the leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Bayelsa State, had yesterday during a courtesy call by the Bayelsa APC to Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State, said the administration of President Jonathan has brought only pain and shame to the people of the south-south geo-political region. His comment, “When the time comes for us to sweep away the government of the day at the national level, Bayelsans will stand with you and be in the vanguard of sweeping away this government that has brought only misery to the Niger Delta,”. But in a swift response, the House to House Campaign Organisation for Democracy had expressed disapproval of the statement by Sylva, saying Bayelsans see him only as an epitome of failure. “What legacy can Bayelsans remember Sylva with, apart from failure and disgrace? We challenge Sylva to tell Bayelsans and Nigerians in general just one project that he completed throughout his five years in office? Bara Ben asked. He however said the group does not have any grouse against the meeting between Sylva and Governor Amaechi. According to him, “the parley between Timipre Sylva and the Rivers State governor is not the concern of anyone that believes in the growth of democracy in Nigeria, especially we in the House to House Campaign Organisation for Democracy, but what is of concern to us is the attack on the person of the president. While we are not joining issues with desperate politicians like Sylva, we have to remind him that he was stoned in public during a function as governor, and that marked the beginning of his political nosedive as Bayelsans as a people could no longer put up with his administration which contributed nothing to the growth and development of the state. We also want to remind him that on the contrary, when President Jonathan was elevated to the position of Vice president, Bayelsans protested because of the unprecedented level of development they experienced during the brief period he was at the helm of affairs in the state.” The group through its director general then discouraged Nigerian politicians from attacking individuals instead of addressing issues, stressing that it is only by addressing issues that democracy can grow o the advantage of the masses.

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