Nasarawa state police command debunks allegation of electoral malpractice

By Linus Aleke, Abuja

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Following the alleged comment attributed to the candidate of the opposition people’s Democratic Party in Doma local government area Alhaji Umaru Abdulahi Adamu during the just concluded local council poll in the Nasarawa state that the Nigeria police force collaborated with the ruling All Progressive Congress to rig the election in favor of the ruling party.
The commissioner of police Nasarawa state police command Mr. Idris Kpotun Ibrahim had refuted the allegation, arguing that Nigerian police force is not an interested party in the election.
According to the police chief, “The security agencies including the Nigerian Police Force do not organize elections; we are not interested party, we do not compile results of elections and in most cases we do not even participate in the voting process. Our duty is to provide enabling environment for the election to be conducted, provision of security and making sure that the electorate, staffs of the electoral umpire, government and the major stakeholders play their role according to the rule of the game. In any situation where we found that people are engaging in act that contravene the electoral Act or any other law of the federation, as law enforcement agent we will take appropriate action. So any person who is alleging anything against us is day dreaming.”
Speaking to national Trail exclusively, the PDP Chairmanship candidate in Doma local government area Alhaji Umaru Abdulahi Adamu further alleged that the Area commander Lafia police command in company of APC agent went to conduct election in a deserted ward were all parties to the election earlier agreed that election should not be held due security challenges in the area.
“The latest report I am getting is that the ruling party are collaborating with security operative to rig the election. You know we have ten wards in Doma local government area and one of the wards, Doka ward is predominated by the thief speaking ethnic nationality in the state and because of the persistent crisis between the Fulani headsmen and the people the area was deserted. The house member representing the area in the state house of assembly complained to government but state government gave a deaf ear to it. And now they have gone to conduct election in the deserted area because of the malpractice they planned there. If they have no skeleton in their cardboard why had they insisted in conducting election in the area? The member went further to complain to the electoral umpire and they took notice of it and approved that election should not be conducted in the area. They even went on air to announce it on the radio. On the Election Day proper the ruling party insisted that election will be conducted there but an understanding was reached between APC agent, PDP agent, the electoral officials and the security operatives that if the place is volatile election will not be conducted there and eventually the security operative confirmed that the area is volatile therefore they all agreed that there will be no election in the area and the materials were returned. But by 5pm the area commander, lafia police command came from Lafia and insisted that there must be election in that ward. He came and collected the material and went with APC agent and now claimed that they have conducted election in the area. Also the returning officers were nowhere to be found shortly after the votes were casted for the results to be announced at ward level before it is taken to local government collation center. They know they cannot win election in Doma and that is why the devising every means to rub me of my mandate include collaboration with security operative.” He lamented.
He nonetheless threatened to head to tribunal to reclaim his stolen mandate.

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