2015: Declare Your Intention Now, Group Tells Jonathan


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By Kennedy Dimaku, Abuja:

A Non-Governmental Organization, Youth Initiative for Empowerment and Transparency in Leadership (YIET-Nigeria) has called on the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebere Jonathan to declare his intention for 2015 now saying that the earlier he declares the better for the country.

The call came barely few days after President Jonathan had, in a media chat told Nigerians that he would make his intention known at the appropriate time to avoid heating up the already heated polity.

In a press conference, the National Chairman, YIET- Nigeria, Amb Fanny Amun said that it is imperative for President Goodluck Jonathan to declare his intention to enable Nigerians get over whatever issue that would precede his declaration. He noted that the call is against the backdrop that some people have been threatening anarchy if Jonathan declares.

He added that those calling for anarchy do not mean well for the country and called on the youths to dissociate themselves from such people.

 According to him, the call for President Jonathan not to contest in 2015 election does not arise considering the level Nigeria has got to. “The level of our democracy considering the development of transformation, we have gone past this stage. We must state here clearly that the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable with anybody.

“The central issue here is all about Jonathan, that he should not contest as a Nigerian that wants to serve his country. There is a disconnect somewhere and that is why we are saying he should declare his intention now. He is the president of Nigeria and this is the time for everybody to come out and resist those who have been calling for anarchy. Jonathan should declare now and there is not going to be any problem.” He pointed out.

Amun noted that Jonathan as the president should negotiate with everybody. “He is the president and should negotiate as the president of the people.” He said.

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