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There has been an allegation of document falsification being circulated in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment. The allegation is that the director of Commodity falsified his documents with the aid of some junior staff in Ministry to stay beyond his terminal date of Jan. 1st, 2013.

An excerpt of the allegation is reproduced below;

“THE CASE OF INDESCIPLINE, FRAUD, CORRUPTION AND ABUSE OF OFFICE IN THE CIVIL SERVICE: Let it be on record the Mr. Julius Oreyemi Apanisile, Director, Commodities and Products Inspectorate Department of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment was born on20th February, 1955, and was appointed into the Federal Civil Service on 1st January, 1978 as Produce Officer with file No. TP 11,479. He was confirmed on 1st January, 1980.

2. Mr. Apanisile with the active connivance of officers in the Record Section of the Ministry doctored his Record of Service. He changed his date of 1st appointment and confirmation to 2nd January, 1991 and 2nd January,1993 respectively.

3. He later rewarded the officer that effected the change with several foreign trips and posted him to the Produce Division of his Department (CPI).

4. He was supposed to have retired by length of service, having served for 35years (1978-2013). The anomaly was brought to the attention of the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Dauda Kigbu, mni who despite all efforts decided to sweep the matter under the carpet.

5. This memo therefore is to call the attention of the Hon. Minister, Dr. Olusegun Aganga, the Head of Civil Service Commission, the ICPC, and the SFG to the happening in the Ministry and request them to take urgent action.

6. The nominal rolls, Gazzettes and Verification Forms filled by Mr. Apanisile are available for further investigation.”

When the information got to our correspondent, he went to Director, Mr. Apanisile, to balance his story before publication. He told our reporter that he resigned his first appointment before reapplying as carried in the allegation letter, above. He said his enemies in the ministry were bent on destroying his carrier, but said he is not afraid of any blackmail.

One comment

  1. I I am surprised that after about a month of publication of this article on urban paparazzi, the various anti-corruption agents are yet to take action.Are they sleeping or saying yes to corruption in the country? The president’s recent charge to the anti-corruption Agencies should spur the to action. This story should be investigated and culprits brought to justice to serve as deterrent to others. I urge the publisher to reproduce the story for final action by the Authorities concerned.

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