Shekarau Joins PDP


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Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau ( Saduanan Kanu ), friends and associates nation-wide officially declare for Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Abuja on February 10, 2014.  Ibrahim Shekarau was elected Governor of Kano State in April 2003, and reelected in April 2007. He was a member of the All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP) which later metamorphosed to APP which later merged with ACN and some other parties to form APC. He was one of the leading candidates aspiring to become president in the Nigerian general elections of 2011.

Mallam Shekarau, was one of the leading figures in All Progressive Congress (APC), before he decided to dump the party for PDP. She has a lot of reasons for abandoning APC for PDP. One of them being that APC has no party structure since it was formed June 2013. He revealed that APC was supposed to have ten elected members at unit, but was sabotaged by the leaders so that they would not challenge when there become autocratic. He concluded by saying that the vision of APC was lost by the time he decided to join PDP.

One of the closest allies of Mallam Shekarau, Attahiru Bafarawa , was on hand to lend support to his friend and longtime political associate. Speaking at the occasion, Bafarawa said they were not joining PDP to be “Yes” members, but to represent their people who persuaded them to do so.

Also at the event that attracted many political heavy weights in the country was Chief Mike Ahamba. He said that PDP as a party has formed a formidable team that can defeat any opposition.

“The real soul of APC has departed”, this is the submission of Barr. Iheke Awa Solomon, who has been in the Awo camp from AD through ACN but was of the opinion that those who are pretending to maintain the legacies of Chief Awolowo, are leading the people astray. He said that the people are getting wiser and are beginning to go where there are better protects for the people of Nigeria. Barr.  Solomon believes that PDP will soon become what it used to be that earned it the largest party in Africa.

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