Concept Sports Academy Pioneers Full Academic/Sports Education


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Concept Sports Academy Abuja (COSA), is the first full time academic/sports school in the whole of the federal territory. The academy runs both British and Nigerian Curriculum at all levels: Crèche, Nursery, Primary and Secondary.

Concept Sports Academy offers a great opportunity for the child to develop great skill and confidence in sports, while continuing with further quality education. The school ensures that every child in the academy becomes skilled and self-disciplined on and off the pitch, as an intelligent sports personality capable of making his/her way in the world. At COSA, the management helps, to discover talents in schools- kids and children at all levels.

COSA uncovers raw talent and also develops the skills of solid performers who train regularly. Many current trainees are in pursuit of professional careers in different areas of sports. However, enthusiastic non-careers sports lovers are welcome and will benefit from the opportunities provided: To work under experienced coaches; To develop both team and individual skills.

The academy has avenues for player development pathway to regional, national and international levels. The Unity Cup Championship being organized by COSA is meant to improve and promote the opportunities of those young Nigerians to be discovered and further positioned as future champions. COSA parades a number of professional football coaches who will train and mould the young ones into stars of our time. Therefore, the Unity Cup Championship is a stepping stone to greater heights, especially for those who want to play professional football.


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