United African States (UAS) Becomes A Reality

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The United African States (UAS) is being inaugurated on 31 January, 2014 to coincide with its formation two years. The idea of United African States (UAS) was formed in Ethiopia on January 31, 2010, during African Union Summit of African Heads of States and Governments, Chaired by Libyan President, Late Col. Muammar Al’Qaddafi. UAS will comprise of nine region: (1) Africa, (2) African – Caribbeans, (3) African – Asians, (4) African – Indians, (5) African – Europeans, (6) North, African – Americans, (7) South, African – Americans, (8) African – Papua New – Guineans, (9) African – Russians. These are known by the founders as indigenes of the Federated UAS.

The struggle to have UAS as reality has been the efforts of Africans at home and in diaspora, especially the Federated United African States (UADS), headed by Prof. Brimmy Abraham A. U. Olaghare. The mandate of the new union is to use all human and material resources to reclaim Africa for the Africa Race, and to build the New Africa’s World Economic Order.

Nigeria has been chosen to be the Head chosen to be Federal Capital city of UAS. Nigeria will also serve as the Headquarters of central Bank of UAS. The country will equally serve as the headquarters of the following organs of UAS: African Defense Command; New Africa’s world Bank; African Development Bank –ADB; and the Federated United African Diasporan States.

In terms of development of physical infrastructures, there is a ten-year master plan to develop Nigeria, starting with construction of roads from Dakar to Mogadishu. This was revealed to our correspondent by a director in the department of human rights and citizenship of UAS, Mr. Oluwaseyitan Alade. He said USA and China are major financiers of the project, which will start immediately after the inauguration. According to him, an international airport will be built in Jos Plateau State of Nigeria, with three hangers during the first phase of work in the 10year plan. He went on with more things to be done by UAS in the phase one: 1.5 million houses to be built in Abuja and 50,000houses in each state of Nigeria. Also there will be a ring road round Abuja with twelve lanes. He added that River Niger will be dredged from Atlantic Ocean to Lokoja, I Kogi State. All these he said will provide Nigerians with gainful employments.

UAS Supreme Council is headed by Chief (Dr.) Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of Nigeria as the Chairman and Chief Yoweri Musevni, President of Uganda is the Vice Chairman.



  1. All this idea and plans will never work, it rather leave U.A.S in debt and collapsed.
    There is better and smart away that we can do things differently which can change Africa over night.
    Cause you politicians are use to the old ideas from our colonial masters and that has cost our down fall..

  2. It sounds like it’s all about Nigeria, what about the other countries in Africa? And also Africa don’t need any more self-appointed leaders, we have enough dictators alredy. I like the idear of a democratic United Africa, with a leader chosen by the people.

    • U’re Right It’s Nt All Abt Nigeria,Bt Reason Is That, Nigeria Has D Highest Number Of States nd Population etc

  3. This is a laudable vision and i hope there will be a strong will to bring it into reality. Is the organization currently Recruiting ?

    • Am confused by different comments, though the org.(uas) sounds promising and it is something related to the course i studied. I pray it’s going to be a reality. Africa need to be united, God bless Africa.

  4. its real not fake so please get involve, and let me introduce you to our media page on Facebook. http/facebook/unitedafricanstatesmediagroup

  5. Hmmm that is good, it’s a wellcome development. I pray may almaighty Allah give our African leaders the power to achieve their aims.

  6. That is good, it’s a wellcome development. I pray may almaighty Allah give our African leaders the power to achieve their aims.

  7. This is the best hope our african leaders can do for us.May God give us long life to see a great africa.


  9. Its important for Africa to unite for the development and growth of the continent because there is strength in unity therefore UAS is welcomed development.

  10. this was how it all started some three hundred years ago in America and today we have the United States of America. we can do it today and our children will be proud of us tomorrow. vive l’ Etats Unis d’Afrique.

  11. This idea was enunciated in 1062 but was unable to commence start because some African nations was still under colonial rule,now is the best time for more untedand prosperous Africa

  12. Wow, UAS is actually real…. They have sent me an invitation for training and induction… Thanks to God I didn’t listen to any discouragement from anyone that it’s fake……..


  14. So great as it may sound, it will become laudable as we start with united voice of being positive and optimistic in our thinking and action towards this. I have already attended the induction and by God’s grace IT SHALL

  15. It’s a most welcome idea and development but my problem is that will b of d common man who don’t have a say, even mouth to speak for its self, because I belve there will b job opportunities in many ways, will the poor once av the chance to b a partakers of this jobs, we all knw in Nigeria it is who knows who get what. But I pray this will b the change we all voted. I am electrical engineer how will one get to registered God bless African.

  16. UAS is an answered prayer to unemployment in Africa and Nigeria in particular and it has come to stay,I did my induction and collection of placement letter on 22/09/17. The good Lord will see Africa through in Jesus name.

  17. what is the aim and objective of this uas and for all those that have be giving the id card when are they going to start the work.

  18. Muhammad Halliru, Kotorkoshi Bungudu LGA Zamfara State, of Nigeria. Our wish is to have Almighty Allah Assissting to have job ,in this U.A.S Governance.

  19. I have also done my induction just last week but I need someone to help me on how to choose my career choice in the website becouse I have been trying but I was unable to complete it

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