Council Boss Solicit Support Of Youths


Hon. Yohanna Ushafa
Hon. Yohanna Ushafa

By Linus Aleke, Abuja:

The executive Chairman of Buwari area council Hon. Peter Yohana Ushafa has called on youths in the area council to support the development effort of his administration with the view to improve the living condition of the people in grass root.

Ushafa who made this call in a chat with our correspondent also advice the youths to shorn crime, saying that Buwari area council is not made for him alone but the young and old who are resident in the area  hence the need to join hands in moving the council forward.

“What I want Buwari youths to understand is that Buwari is not made for me alone, it is made for all of us. The more we put our heads together to build Buwari area council together the better for us. The English man said that two good heads is better than one and peter Yohana has only one head, therefore another good head is supposed to come from somewhere else to march with my own for us to progress. So up till now I am still crying out to the concern citizens of Buwari area council that the area is made for all of us hence the need to join hands in moving the council forward.”

The chairman also noted that the crisis in PDP is not as serious as people may want to look at it, adding any household with more than one wife must have such crisis but the crisis must never pull down the family therefore what I am saying in essence is that PDP crisis is a family crisis and the moment it is resolved the party will be more formidable than before.

Such crisis he said is expected in any large party or family because those who feel that their interest is threatened will want to fight to protect their interest and that breeds disharmony.

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