Maku Berates Politicians For The Insecurity In Nigeria


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Linus Aleke, Abuja

As the Nigerian armed forces continues to combat insurgency in some part of the north, the supervising minister of defense Mr. Labaran Maku  has berated politicians for their unholy role in the security situation in the country.

Maku who made this criticism at the world press conference to review the achievement of federal government in 2013 also alleged that this same politicians who are the brain child of the insecurity in the country are now using it to discredit president Jonathan’s administration with the view to scoring cheap political gains.

The minister observed that those politicians who were behind the security crisis in the nation were the first set of critics to oppose the deployment of military troops to troubled area in the north by federal government even when they do not have any alternative means of solving the security challenges.

He boasted that Nigerian armed forces have the capacity and expertise to crush the insurgent group in the country but however observed that the dreaded group often hides among the people which make it difficult for the military to face them frontally.

He advised the political actors in the country to put the interest of the nation above their parochial interest of seeking political office, adding that the greatest responsibility any politician owe his country is to save guard the unity, greatness and sanity of his country before his myopic interest.

The information minister applauded the good people of Kano state for rising up against the insurgent group with the view to protecting their economic and development interest.

The mouth piece of government used the opportunity to commend Nigerian government for her pragmatic and democratic leadership role in Africa, adding that since incessant coups in Nigeria ended in 1999, there had not been any successful coup in West Africa.

On the issue of corruption, the minister noted that Nigeria public system is conducive for abuse which in turn encourages corruption in the system. He however claimed that the entire allegation about government condoning and hibernating corruption is nothing but cheap political talk.

Maku added that the political opponents who make these inflammatory statements about corruption in Nigeria are themselves extremely corrupt.

He said that some states in the country have less than 20 percent enrolment of school age children yet these same governors will go to the press to criticize federal government.

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