Kwara G3 Members Converge on Abuja

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A group known as Kwara G3, which is made up of elites from the three senatorial district of Kwara State converged on Abuja on December 7th, 2013, to address the arrested development of the state. Kwara State is one the nineteen Northern States of Nigeria. It was created in 1967 by Gen. Yakubu Gowon administration. The present Kwara State has lost some of her Local Government to Niger and Kogi States.

The conveners of the Stakeholders Roundtable listed some burning issues to be addressed to move the State out the unenviable position it is in now to where it is supposed to be. They are; Leadership deficit, Lack of good followership and arrested development.

Five big shorts from among the elites from the state were chosen as discussants at the occasion. They tackled the matters raised extensively, and were supported by other stakeholders. Senator Gbemi Saraki, one of the discussant, believed that the state needs improvement in three major areas; social, economic and in politics. She summed up her speech by saying that the state must develop her human capital.

Hon. Iliyasu Ibrahim, Kwara State Assembly member representing some constituencies in Mowo Local Government Area, asserted that the assemblage of Kwara elites would address the perpetual slavery to the leaders of the state. He told newsmen that he suspended from the house because he challenged some misappropriation by the speaker of the State Assembly. He also said that a first timer was imposed on the house as the speaker which does not happen in any other place in the country.

The successful will produce a communiqué that will be a sign post for the way forward in Kwara State.

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