DANTORO: Emir of History and Destiny Launched

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A biography titled; Dantoro:  “Emir of History and Destiny”, which was authored by Austin Chidi Anyanwu was launched in Abuja on the 5th of December, 2013.

The author told our correspondent that he came in contact with His Royal Highness Senator (Dr.) Haliru Dantoro, CON, Kitoro 111, Mai Borgu, Emir of Borgu Kingdom seven years ago. According to him, he studied the Emir for four years before he approached him to be allowed to write the book. As soon as his request was granted he went to work relentlessly until the launch of the book. He in brief said the Emir has been setting enviable records that posterity must be reminded of. He said some of the Emir’s achievement included having worked in the public sector for over 50years, starting as Council Secretary between 1957 and 1958 at the tender age of 19years. In 1971 he became a Commissioner, and was commissioner in different ministries and administrations up to 1975. He became the Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1992 on the platform of National Republican Convention (NRC). He became the Kitoro 111 of Borgu Kingdom on February 3, 2000, after the demise of Alhaji Musa Mohammadu.

The posited that the Emir is an example of what Nigerians have been clamouring for; unity, integrity and patriotism. He maintained that those were why he allowed him, an Igbo man to write his biography. He admitted that the launch was a success as almost all the invited dignitaries were present or represented.

During his remarks, the Emir said he never contemplated a day like the day of the public presentation and launch of his biography. He admitted he had in the past deliberately rejected proposals from various authors that could lead to the launch. He pointed out that persistence of the author through his close friends made him to grant the proposal. He said this about the author, “I wish to congratulate the author on his tenacity, determination and resourcefulness. It is my hope that the publication finds a good readership”.

The Emir narrated the kind of parental love he got from his parents, but had special place for the mother’s love especially during his detention from 1984, which he related thus;” for instance, all through my difficult years in detention, following the December 1983 coup d’état, she criss-crossed the length and breadth of this country soliciting my release. I was blessed to come out of detention in her life time and to enjoy the full benefits of her prayers and spiritual guidance. Her one and only request to me on her dearth bad was that I should continue to pray for her; and her final blessing on me was that I would continue to succeed until the end of my own life”.

He used the occasion to announce the Third Borgu International Gani-Durbar Festival in 2015, which he said preparation were underway. He also informed the audience that their doors were open to investors in the area of agriculture, mining of solid minerals and manufacturing.

The highly attended event witnessed the presence of some former leaders of the country; Alhaji Shehu Shagari, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, Gen. Abdusallami Abubakar and many other dignitaries.


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