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NATA/LUBCON PROJECT is a partnership between Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association (NATA), and LUBCON, a major player in the Nigerian downstream oil sector. The partnership was an agreement entered into in 1994 by both parties for LUBCON to produce lubricants and brand same to reflect the names of both parties. The first product that kick started the partnership in 1995 was named NATA POWER HD40. The success of this pioneer product made NATA and end users to ask LUBCON to produce more brands. This led to the introduction of NATA PERFORMER, NATA ADRENALIN, NATA SUPER XV, and NATA ZT.

NATA is made up of Mechanics, Panel Beaters, Automobile Electricians and others Artisans in the industry. It is their strategic importance as likes between motor users and lubricant producers. It is known fact that these artisans in most cases recommend to their customers the best spare parts and other vehicle accessories whenever they go to fix the vehicles.

The partners launched four new products; NATA PROGRESS, NATA GEAR OIL SUPER, NATA POWER ATF and NATA TECHNAT, which are improvement on their previous products. These have been doing well since their introduction. NURTW representative at the occasion gave a wonderful testimony of how their members have been patronizing the new products.

Representative of FRSC at the occasion, Kalu Okpo Ogbonna, Deputy Corps Commander, commended the project but advised NATA members to ensure that none of their members engages in adulteration of the lubricants and other accessories they use in their job.

An official of NATA told the audience at the event that his association receives regular payments from LUBCON as their share of profit made from the sales of the products. Engr. Yahuza S. Agbu, NATA FCT Chairman, in his remarks said NATA went into the partnership with LUBCON because the proposal was the most favorable among other producers that approached them with similar proposal. He promised that his chapter will make sure bad people do not adulterate the product from his chapter.

LUBCON products come with tamper proof that it will be hard for their products to adulterate. The managing director of LUBCON told newsmen that the major objective of his company is packaging and quality management. He said his organization went into the partnership because NATA are nearer to end users and are capable of getting accurate feedback from end users. He pointed out that power is the major problem the organization in having. Another challenge according to him was unfavorable tariffs. He said the authorities charge 10% flat to importers of lub oil and importers of refined lubricant; this said poses a big problem to local manufacturers of lubricants.


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