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In their attempt to provide an on round education for the pupils of the school, the school authority took the pupils of the school on excursion to the palace of the Etsu of Yikwoyi. Scholars Heritage Height Academy in a school in Jikwoyi Phase one, under the jurisdiction of the paramount chief of Jikwoyi HRH Rev. Dr. Bawa S. Jetta.

The chief was not on sit when the team from the school visited but palace administration was on ground to well them. They were received by the secretary to the palace, Jonathan Jetta and the Queen of the Palace, Rosemary Jetta.

The pupils on arrival said a well-rehearsed greeting to their hosts before asking wonderful questions that put the palace secretary to task. One of the pupils demanded the chief to tell them, which the secretary gave. The next was not an easy one for the secretary when he was asked to name all the subordinates to the chief. He started by mentioning Sarkin Pada, Galadima, Adogo(who crowns the chief). At a point the secretary sought the assistance of other palace assistants to be able exhaust the list of subordinates to the chief.

The Proprietress of the school Mrs. Adebisi Ijelu, who led other staff and pupils on the excursion, thanked their hosts for educating them on the tradition and culture of the people of Jikwoyi where the school is situated. She said it was necessary for the school to identify with the palace in order to develop a good working relationship.

Responding on behalf of the chief who was unavoidably absent, the secretary promised Mrs. Ijelu and her staff that the palace will henceforth recognize their contribution to the development of Jikwoyi.

The school presented a gift to the chief which was received on his behalf by the Queen.



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