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Dr. Kabir Kabo Usman, Director General Centre For Management Development, was among the intellectuals that served as resource persons at the IFTDO African Regional Conference, Abuja 2013, organized by International Federation of Training and Development Organization (IFTDO) in collaboration with Congress Of Human Capital Development Institutions In Nigeria. He spoke to newsmen at the occasion on the need for human capacity building. He pointed out that the international conference was targeted at the youth in Africa. The objective of which, according to Dr. K. K. Usman was to combat youth unemployment.

Centre for Management Development (CMD), activities are focused on technical skill and management development among the youth. He categorized these into hard and soft skills; hard skills deal with the operatives whereas soft skills deal with the management aspect of an organization. Dr. Usman was on the opinion that unemployment could breed vices among the youth, hence the need to get the youth trained and engaged.

Another resource person that spoke to newsmen at the event was Chinwe Onyeukwu, Director of Programmes and Development Action (GADA), which was established in 1996 by a few individuals and they have been working hard to get women affirmative action to participate in politics. She explained that the affirmative action for women to participate in politics in Nigeria is 35%, is yet to be fully implemented. She submitted that if the affirmative action is allowed to function, more women would go into politics.

The 2day conference is a prelude for event is a prelude to the 45th edition of the IFTDO World Conference and Exhibition which will take place in Nigeria in 2016. This was revealed by the President of Nigerian Institute of Training and development, Dr. Kayode Ogungbeyi during his welcome address at the occasion.

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