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The International FEDERATION OF TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT, in conjunction with CONGRESS OF HUMAN CAPITAL INSTITUTIONS IN NIGERIA holds her African Regional Conference in Abuja, Nigeria. The two-day event was meant to attract major stake holders in the human capital development industry.

In his welcome address at the occasion, the President and Chairman of Council, Nigerian Institute of Training and Development and the Chief Host, IFTDO African Regional Conference, Abuja 2013(Nov. 18- 19), said that a similar conference was held exactly ten years ago in Nigeria.

The theme of this year’s conference is Skill Acquisition as a Panacea to Youth Unemployment in Africa. The President quoted International Labour Organization (ILO) statistics which revealed that youth unemployment in the world particularly in Africa is very scary, and he posited that something urgent must be done about this. He believes that to reduce crime and other social vices substantially in the country, the burning issues of youth unemployment must be addressed.

He noted that the country’s tertiary institutions produce hundreds of thousands of graduates and very minute percentage of this secure paid employment while others roam about in search of elusive white collar jobs. It was o this ground that the conference decided to focus on skills acquisition and start strategize in earnest how to combat youth unemployment.

This year’s event according to the President is a prelude to the 45th edition of IFTDO World Conference and Exhibition in the Country in 2016.

Among the Congress of Human Capital Development Institutions at the event is Financial Institutions Training Centre (FITC), Nigerian Employers Consultative Association (NECA) amongst others.

The chairman IFTDO conference planning Committee, Rev. Tunde Salawu spoke to our reporter at the occasion. He corroborated the President by saying that the conference was meant to focus on skill acquisition among the youths. He added that policy aspect of skills acquisition is another area of focus at the conference; curriculum amendment to incorporate skills acquisition in our tertiary institutions.

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