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The much awaited 2nd edition of National Outsourcing conference has come and gone with a lot of memory that will change the way we do business in the country. National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), in collaboration with Federal Ministry of Communication Technology has successfully staged the second edition of National Outstanding Conference with the theme: Empowering The Outsourcing Sector For Service Delivery And Job Creation.

Outsourcing, according to one of the resource persons at the conference is the art of giving minor production processes in an organization to an outsider for the owner of the business to have time to concentrate on the core business of the organization. An example was made of a major airline in America that outsourced her reservation to housewives in one of the cities of the country.

Outsourcing is believed to be capable of creating over 500,000 jobs every year in the country. Currently the sector contributes insignificantly to the GDP of the country. Invariably it contributes 2% employment yearly in the country, whereas, it generates over 5% jobs in India.

The Acting Head, Software and Outsourcing Department, NITDA, Mr,Sarafa Lawal told our correspondent that the turnout of participant at the conference was low but the quality of their contribution was very high. He believed that early preparation will reduced some of the problems witnessed during this year’s conference. He also supported the call for an executive secretary for the agency.

Some notable IT companies were at the event to exhibit their products. One of them is Access Solution, a local soft and hardware producers. Their best and newest product at the conference was self-service Kiosk or terminal. Zinox and other software developers were fully represented at the conference.

The Assistant Director, Software and Outsourcing Department, NITDA, Mr. Soji Litan told newsmen that the 2nd National Outsourcing Conference came a little bit late. He corroborated Mr. Lawal’s view on attendance, but he defended the low turnout as it produced the most viable participants that produced a wonderful communiqué. He was of the view that if well positioned, the sector will create enough jobs that could absorb a lot of unemployed graduates in the country. He enjoined Nigerians to join hands with NITDA to develop the sector.

The conference has been advocated to be an annual event, in order to develop the sector fast.

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