SSS Officer Orders Demotion of A European Returnee Property In Gwarinpa


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Since return to democracy in Nigeria in 1999, successive governments have been making efforts to see that Nigerians in Diaspora with means return home and invest in the country, especially in Abuja. Such advocacy made it possible for the current Minister Investment, Trade and Industry, Olusegun Aganga to come home and pick the position.

Mrs. Justina Onuoha is one of such Nigerians. She lived in Europe for over 15 years and came home and purchased a building in Gwarinpa Estate of Abuja, precisely on 3rd Avenue. According to her she had invested over two hundred million naira on the business known as Mega Taste Kitchen and Zoom Lounge.

The place was first demolished in parts in September this year and the owner went to enquire from Federal Housing Authority Gwarinpa and she was made to pay various sums of money totaling one million, five hundred thousand naira to one Mrs.  Balogun. She also paid some five hundred thousand naira to one Mr. Bature, all for her business to be protected.

Mrs. Onuoha later learnt that she must pay two million naira to FCDA in Asokoro for change of use, as the building housing the business was originally designed as a residential area. She was yet to pay for change of use when she was informed that she must not continue with the business as one of her neighbors who is a senior official with SSS has ordered for the closure of the business as his religion forbids sales of alcohol. According to Mrs. Onuoha, the SSS official she referred to as Alhaji had been sending her text messages swearing that the business must be closed down.

There were many properties marked for demolition but it was only the woman’s fence was pulled down on 28th Oct; 2013. Some members of staff of the organization were beaten by the seven – man squad that came with a caterpillar to demolish the fence. They came from Gwarinpa police station, around past 5pm.

Mrs. Onuoha was lamenting and asking if she had committed crime by coming home to invest. She told newsmen that she employed 62 persons in the organization. She begged Nigerians to help her ask the authority to allow her to continue with her business as the country is preaching oneness and unity.

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