Informal Sectors Operators Do not Pay Tax – CITN President


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The Chartered Institute of Taxation Of Nigeria, (CITN) , a body established in 1992 and Chartered by Act No. 76 of 1992 and (CAP C10 LFN 2004), to regulate and set standard and advocacy for tax matters; held Abuja Mandatory Professional Training Programme for its members in Abuja.

In his keynote address at the event, the President and Chairman Governing Council of the Institute, Mr. Mark Anthony C. Dike stated thus: We expect that more members will realize the importance of our mandatory professional training programme which has been packaged towards keeping them in tune with contemporary development in the theory and practice of Taxation.”

The MPTP was envisaged as an avenue for members of the institute to update their knowledge about new trends in the profession, changes in government regulation, and new approaches in the treatment of certain issues and so on.

The President said that courses in third lap of the MPTP programmes, papers expected to be presented on the following topics: Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Property Tax Bill, 2012; Autonomy of States Tax Authorities in Nigeria and Taxes and Levies (Approved list for collection) in State Internal Revenue Boards. The institute is affiliated to some international tax bodies like; West African Union of Tax Institute; (WAUTI); etc.

Speaking to newsmen at the occasion, the president said that Nigeria tax level is as low as 7% tax to GDP ratio. Countries like Ghana have over 20%, which he attributed to better tax culture put in place by the government.

On the reason for the low tax in the country, he said that Agric. sector does not pay tax and it accounts for about 34% of the GDP. He also revealed that most members of the informal sector do not pay tax.

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