SHELL Petroleum Development Company Nigeria Limited organized Sustainable Development and Community Relations Road Show with the theme; “Opening Doors, Changing Lives”. The event is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by the company to inform the world about the other side of SHELL which is under reported or not mentioned at in the media.

The event show cased the achievement of the organization so in the host communities of Niger Delta. Three beneficiaries were celebrated as they told the world how the benefited from the schemes put in place by Shell. They are; Isreal Amaye(GMOU), Grace Ngari (Community Health), and Julie Oloko(Live Wire). Amaye was trained in the US as a lawyer, while Oloko locally trained as furniture maker. Another beneficiary was Aba Imoh who trained as Video Man and was covering the event.

Nedo Osayande, the Genegal Manager Sustainable Development and Community Relations spoke more to newsmen after the event. He mentioned some development partners of SHELL to include Discovery Channel, USAID, and NNPC as a senior partner representing the federal government. Some of the areas the program mes cover are; Health, Education, Empowerment, GMOU- General Memorandum of Understanding,and Cluster revealed Mr. Osayande. According to him each participating community has CDB- Country Development Board that coordinates monies given out by SHELL. How much they will get over the period of 4 years is known to each community and they make their projections based on that. Nembe city is the most successful one among the CDBs. Taxis were given to people to pay back so that others can benefit from the fund. They (CDBs) give money on their own and monitor usage, he added..

He said that 60 t indigent students were sent to in private secondary schools yearly and that such scholarship are meant for all Nigerians. He proudly said that shell scholars are now in management positions in Nigeria public and private sectors.

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