Frank Okon Takes Akpabio To Appeal Court


Chief Olushola Oke
Chief Olushola Oke

Engr. Frank Okon Daniel has gone to the Appeal Court to challenge the ruling by a lower court in favour of the incumbent governor of Akwa  Ibom State, Gov. Godswill Akpabio.

The counsel to PDP, Olushola Oke told our correspondent the party is acting as father to the disputers. He said that the party would abide by whatever the court decides, so that the party might remain one. “They did their primary and the governor won and we defend our position” said Oke. On reserved judgment as pronounced by the court, he said it means that they will give them a date. “They court meant that the date would be conveyed to the counsels to the parties”, said Oke.

Elder Idorenyin Jacot
Elder Idorenyin Jacot

Elder Idoreyin Jacot (J.P) the representative of Engr. Franl Okon said that they have been in the lower count since 2011. The judges, according him to understood the tension surrounding the case and decided to suspend judgment. He said that over 90% of people in court were there for Eng. Frank Okon Daniel. “We are praying that God will give us judgment; Everybody is yearning for a change”.

Elder Idorenyin believed judgment was going to be favorable for Engr. Frank Okon Daniel who will salvage his people. “We are in bondage and we will soon be redeemed”, he maintained.

He gave a brief history the event that led to the litigation.   He said that on 9/1/2011 Imoh Udoh from 001, Godswill Akpabio – 02 and Engr. Frank Okon – 003 were meant contest the PDP primary election in Akwa Ibom State but Akpabio was not duly cleared by the 9/1/2011 and no election was declared by the returning officer, one Mr. Sunday. And Mr. Sunday said that there would be no primary in Akwa Ibom State.

On 12th, the election was declared null and void. He quoted that PDP constitution is stated that when an election is cancelled, there must be at least 7 day notice for a new election to take place. He told our correspondent they were in Abuja to talk of the cancellation and got a message that the election would take place on 15th and 7 days’ notice was not given after the cancellation. He declared that there was never 15th of January, and that they supporters of Engr. rely on 9th as Godswill was not cleared to participate in the primary. I represent Frank Okon and I believe he will win because Engr. Frank stand the chance to carry the day said elder Idorenyin. 

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