NWSA Elects Officers

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The Nigerian water supply Association (WWSA), held her 3rd Annual Conference, General Meeting / Exhibition.

The two-day event took place in the Ladi Kwali Conference Hall of Sheraton Hotel, Abuja. The theme of the first day plenary session was; “Reforms for Improvement; Harassing Global knowledge for Local Action”- While the theme for the second day plenary session, was; “Efficiency in Administration of Professional Association”.

Major exhibitors at the conference were: Eauxwell Nig. Ltd, Novena Engineering Service Ltd., Ovamann Pumps Nig. Ltd., Ground water Development Nig. Ltd and Zenith Group Nig. Ltd.

The high point of the event was election of officers. There were no contest for some positions, notably the office of the president as the interim president, Engr. Emmanuel Iliyas stepped down for Dr. Eugene Pam. The election committee exhibited a high sense of mastery of election matters due to the way they handled a tie result of publicity secretary. There was a tie of 81 votes for the two ladies seeking to occupy the position. At the end of the run-off Madam Felicia carried the day.

Dr. Eugene Pam, the new president of the association told newsmen at the end of the event that he was happy with the way the election came to an end. He said his leadership will focus in the area of training. He said he would partner with National Water Resources Institute (NWRI) Kaduna.

According to him, the idea of embarking on skill acquisition was to make sure members of the organization will be able to complete with emerging companies in the industry.


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