Mr. Ocheje John, MD NASENI Energy Ltd
Mr. Ocheje John, MD NASENI Energy Ltd

The production and use of alternative renewable energy has been at the front burner in terms of powering the rural areas of the nation. Renewable energy is the kind of energy that can be derived from the sun, wind and tidal wave. Components of this kind of energy are solar panels, cells and batteries.

Before now, all the components used to be imported from different countries like China, Germany etc. Succor has now come to producers and users as NASENI has opened a manufacturing plant in Karshi, a suburb of Abuja.

NASeNI Energy Limited, Karshi was established in 2011 in collaboration with Chinese experts to produce solar panels, a major component in production of alternative renewable energy. The Managing Director of the organization, Ocheje John told newsmen at the 2013 Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo (NAEE) that NASENI Energy Limited Karshi started production in October 2011 (the pilot stage).

The MD, Ocheje  John ascended to the position in January, 2013,with the mandate to incorporate the company with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), and he was able to do this within months. He informed newsmen that the organization had unsold stock and he has been able to embark on intensive advertising which has brought the activities of the organization to public notice.

One of the major problems of the organization is completion from importers of substandard panels which unscrupulous contractors patronize without considering the effect on the end product. He accused Nigerian businessmen of dishonesty.

Ocheje John revealed that his organization is collaboration with Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) to check and test every imported panel before they are taken to Nigerian markets. Eventually, he posited that alternate renewable energy can take power faster to rural areas in the nearest future.

Mr. Alex Onyeije, MD SAFE-ENERGY
Mr. Alex Onyeije, MD SAFE-ENERGY

Managing Director of SAFE-ENERGY, Alex Onyeije was at the event with full complement of what his organization is into; production and installation of solar power. He commended NASENI for helping to reduce the cost with over 60%. He pleaded with relevant authorities to act by checkmating the activities of quacks in the fledgling industry.

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