Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo Holds In Abuja

Dr. Emmanuel Onyejeose. LOC Chairman
Dr. Emmanuel Onyejeose. LOC Chairman

This year’s Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo takes place in Abuja the federal capital of Nigeria. The objective of the Expo is to bring to the knowledge of Nigerians the need to embrace alternative renewable energy.

The event was planned to take place between Oct. 16 and 18 but it started on the 17th of Oct. due to the two-day public holiday declared by the federal government to commemorate Eid- el-Kabir.

The chairman of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Dr. Emmanuel Onyejeose expressed his joy that Renewable Energy has come to stay in the scheme of things. He gave a brief history of the journey so far about the Expo. According to him last edition held in Ogun State, Nigeria. He revealed the next edition will take place Bostwana.

Dr. Albert O. Okorogu
Dr. Albert O. Okorogu

The Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo was represented at the occasion by the Senior Special Assistant, Access To Power /Renewable Energy To The Honourable minister Of Power, Dr. Albert O. Okorogu. He informed the audience that the minister of power was looking for sponsors as the government did not capture the huge capital outlay in the budget. Speaking exclusively to our correspondent after his presentation, Dr. Okorogu said that the scheme is meant to “light-up” the rural areas of the country that were not in the national grid. He listed funding as the major problem to the project but said that the government is going into partnership with private individuals and some corporate organizations. The project according to him will open up a lot of opportunities for Nigerians especially rural dwellers. On whether the scheme will pose challenges to the new buyers of PHCN, Dr. Okorogu said no, and went to clear the air that it might affect the new owners. He revealed that there is no grid extension in the country and that the project is meant for rural dwellers who have no hopes of getting to the national grid in near future. The project he maintained will  is meant to cover 50% of the populace and willbe completed in June next year.

Marcus Rother
Marcus Rother

A representative of one of the major exhibitors at the Expo, Marcus Rother of Trinas Solar told our man that Trinas solar came for the event because of huge potential that abound in Nigeria in terms of renewable energy.  Marcus Rother told our man that Trinas Solar was established in 1997 and that the organization the leading producer of alternative renewable energy in the world. Trinas Solar has offices in twenty countries of the world.


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