Rape And Cover Up In Gwagwa

Rape and cover-up in Gwagwa
The Victim in the middle


An 11yrs old girl( name withheld) was raped at 24 lodge in Gwagwa area of Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) F.C.T. by two suspects (Hassan 39yrs and Bashiru 34yrs) who committed the crime have been set free immediately and now walking freely to commit more atrocity. Parents in Gwagwa need more sensitization concerning rape implications as these men are now free.

            During investigation, the guardian of the victim, Mallam Tanko Ibrahim who lives in Giwa said he did not want police case or any problem as the girl had been send back to the village. Mallam Tanko Ibrahim further said he was not aware of the first step to take by sending the victim to hospital for test and checkup. And he believed that anything that led to the incident was the act of God.

The district head of Gwagwa, His Eminence Shaibu Bawa was aware of the incidence, and when contacted, he said the guardian insisted on making peace, that there should be no police involvement, so he ordered the vigilante chairman Zakari Sani to go and make peace for them, let the suspect relocate from Gwagwa.

The Chairman of vigilante Gwagwa district, Mr. Zakari Sani denied the entire allegation. According to him, the girl is more than 18yrs and that they are lovers.

Mr. Zakari Sani said that after investigation the guardian of the victim Mallam Tanko Ibrahim insisted in making peace so he did not take them to police station or for test and checkup because they were lovers before.

            The chairman 24 Lodge ( a motel in the area), Mr. Mike Agbara the owner of where there incident took place, said he was not present during the act and his manager was hospitalized at that time. He elaborated that is was one of the waiters that allowed the suspect commit the act in the hotel. He said that if he was around or the manager, they would have told them to stay at the bar and not to give them room for short time.

            The manner the rape was handled by people that should know must be investigated. From people that know the girl, none of the believed the girl was above 12years. It is expected that police should investigate and document this case. Same with other organizations like Human Right commission.                                                                                               

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