Entertainment About To Bobble In FCT-DN

Emma Frank,Zulu Adikwe,Abuja Entertainment
Emma Frank(R), and Zulu Adikwe

Lagos has been at the forefront of entertainment in Nigeria because of its development in many aspect-financial, infrastructures etc. Before now Lagos used to be the rallying point for actors, actresses and entertainment practitioners. With the new agenda (reformation) of the present administration there has been a paradigm shift in all facet of life in the country.
Our research has revealed that many veteran entertainers are now living in the F.C.T: Mish, Andy of “Living in Bondage” fame, Francis Duru, Zulu Adigive, Emma Frank, Miss Koi-koi of “Aki and paw paw ” fame etc.
When our correspondent met with two of Nigeria’s veteran entertainers, Zulu Adigive and Emma Frank, they said that their mission in the city is to develop the industry and create job for our teaming youths. They promised to reach out to interested persons in F.C.T and put them through on how to benefit from the industry. The twosome said their offices are open to anybody who might want to be mentored by any of them
The two entertainers were part of quest that graced the book launch of Rev. Fr. Dr. Will Ojukwu as the author. The title of the book is “She Spoke Six Times and Yet…”

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