AMAC Deputy Speaker Empowers the Youth -DN

Hon. Talatu Kabir
Hon. Talatu M. Kabir, Deputy Speaker AMAC

The deputy speaker of Abuja Municipal Area Council, (AMAC), Hon. Talatu M. Kabir, who is the counselor representing Jiwa ward in AMAC was elected into the house under the umbrella of people’s Democratic Party, (PDP).

She gave a breakdown of what she penciled down to achieve during her two year tenure in office and what her priority was. She told newsmen in her office that as mother she would pay special attention to women and youth in her constituency of Jiwa in particular and FCT in general.

So far she has empowered eleven youths in the area of computer training in her Jiwa ward, she promised that next batch will involve more youths and women.

She told reporters in her office that she had over forty NGO in her ward and has planned to empower them when her administration settled down to work.

Hon. Talatu .M. Kabir is a football lover. She has helped in the formation and development of some grassroots football clubs in FCT. One such grassroots football organization that has benefited from Hon. Kabir’s magnanimity is One Big Family, a grassroots football academy that organizes football tournament annually.


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