School Business Is Not Just Competition- Dr. Adagir

Dr. Stella Adagir
Dr. Stella Adagir, Director of Raberto Schools, Abuja

Raberto School recently had her 14th Graduation and Prize-Giving day with the theme; “Unleashing The Potentials In Our Youths For A Positive Change”.

Speaking to our correspondent at ceremony, one of the directors of the school, Dr. Stella Adagir said the significance of the event was to appreciate students who had completed their academic pursuit and to give them word of advice on how to behave in the larger society, and allow them to be able to express themselves.
Dr. Adagir stated that the main objective of the school was to raise the child according to the laid down procedure by the government; that is to add value to the live of the students under a good physical structure. She was frank to add that the school was yet to have super structures but they are in the pipeline. She further said that the school preaches quality education and not competition which believes is turning the industry into mere business venture.

On the materials used in the school, she says. “We believe in Nigeria and that is why we teach purely Nigeria curriculum. We at times introduce some foreign techniques where necessary especially the British curriculum. This is because private schools are allowed to use foreign curriculum in addition to Nigeria curriculum”.
The school was established in 1995 by Professor and Professor Mrs. Ozigi. It started in Wuse 2 where there were few buildings then. The school is currently managed by seasoned professionals and not business people, according to Dr. Adagir. The school has been managed by late Professor Ozigi and Professor Mrs. Ozigi in the past years in IIorin, Kwara. The board of directors comprises Dr. Adagir and Dr. Ozigi.
“Major challenges have been the need to keep teaching materials and aids up to date in order to be abreast of competition. And another problem we face is that our school fees are one of the lowest and people keep wondering how we have been surviving”, said Dr. Adagir. We need money to survive as being able to maintain quality teachers is quite challenging. “Some of them have been around for ten years and keeping them is not an easy task” she added.
Lamenting further she said, “We face challenges of teachers wanting to leave when other schools poach on them. However we still have some committed ones who believe in us”.
Her advice to school owners is to focus on the core value of the industry which is imparting quality education and not focusing mainly on the financial aspect of the business. Again, the development of the teachers and provision of modern teaching aids as the core of the business.
On relationship the parents, Dr. Adagir admitted thus; The PTA has been very helpful to the school. They initiate ideas and contributed a lot in the organization of the end of year activity. They have regular PTA meetings and their contributions have impacted positively on the school. They are very proactive. We have a fantastic relationship with Our PTA”.

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